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Meet Q

Business Maven

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"I am Virtual Administration at its BEST!”


Meet Paula

Marketing Guru

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"Marketing leads to REVENUE!”


LaQuiana J. Bailey or “Q” is a thriving business administration consultant. With a background of over 16 years of Administration with non-profit, state, and local government. She has extensive experience with start-ups, event management and planning, project management, strategic planning, supplier diversity, and program development.
She is able to create a visionary structure for any type of business. A mother of two small children, Q knows a lot about time management and the importance of prioritizing. She values entrepreneurs and understands how much of a need there is to help individuals take on the entrepreneurship world as a beginner or as someone who has been in business for many years.

“I want to provide guidance, structure, and balance to small business owners that need it. My goal is to take the tedious administrative tasks off of the business owner to allow them to effectively grow and represent their business.” 


Paula Bowens is a the amazing 2nd half of the  Elite Team --- 
Paula Bowens, the marketing and business development consultant, has over decades of experience in sales and marketing across multiple industries. She began a career with Xerox, which ignited her passion for technology and the ability to gain experience and skills in  supplier diversity/DEI, healthcare, media, and sports marketing industries. With a background in Corporate America, Non-Profit, and as a business owner, she understands what it takes to be successful.  
As a Marketer,  Paula knows marketing is the key to a successful business and brings the skills to create strategic strategies for digital marketing, business development, grant writing/funding, and event planning for the  Elite team.    Paula’s new obsession is Web 3.0, the future!
With the Elite team,  we understand what it takes to help a business scale and be sustainable.

Personal Desk

Elite Business Strategies & Solutions, LLC is a small business that uses a virtual platform to assist other small businesses with the functionality of their operation.
Our team specializes in administration with experience ranging from corporate to non-profit to local government.
We are proficient and knowledgeable of many areas of business to include retail, restaurant, private sector and non-private healthcare, and construction. We are determined to provide flexible solutions for your business needs and make the administrative part of your business thrive! In addition to our administrative expertise, we equipped to provide a variety of other services such as customer service trainings, strategic planning, certification assistance, MBE/SBE/DBE coordination, and much more! 

We are ELITE because we are Empowering Leaders that Innovate Todays Entrepreneurs! We want you to excel and exceed the expectations of entrepreneurship.

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